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September 27, 2003
Lakeville Speedway
The day started off pretty early as The Friday night portion of the program got rained out after hotlaps. We really did not want to see this as we turned a 14.85 second lap in hotlaps. Matt had the setup perfect. Well all for nothing as we went back to run everything on Saturday night. We actually did ok on the pill draw as we started 3 in the heat race and immediately went backwards. We missed the setup and had to much gear in the car for the dry conditions. Therefore I made three laps and pulled in finishing in the 6th position. Well we had quite some time to ponder how we were going to correct our problems. Well we decided to try some things we had never run before as we were starting in the 17th position. Everything we did paid off as we passed 11 cars to come home with a 6th place finish. This race will be the end of our 2003 season.

September 13, 2003
Lakeville Speedway
The night started off pretty good as some of our sponsors were at the
track to see some real good racing. Eva got us off on the right foot by drawing a no. 4 pill. This put us on the pole of the second heat. After repeated attempts to get the race started we finally got going and went on to win the heat race. In the A-main we were really good as we started in the 7 position and ran in the 5th for the first 19 circuits until a caution came out. Doug Stanley passed us with 6 laps to go and we were presssuring George Prosser for 5th but just lacked a little forward bite. However the car ran and rolled all on it's own so we had a good night.

August 30, 2003
Wayne County Speedway
We started the night off with a #27 pill draw which was really pretty high in comparison to alot of others. The motor did not run well in hotlaps as we had two plug wires crossed. We started 5th in the heat only we missed the set up a little as we finished in the 7th position. This lead us to a 4th starting spot in the B-Main where we finished 2nd. From there the night only got stranger as we started 17th in the A-Main and were moving forward when the red flag came out and Matt had a chance to look at the car. Here the left rear radius rod was broke off of the bird cage. So Matt took off the radius rod and says try it and see what happens. Well we tried it and not with great success as we lost all forward bite. Well I ran as well as expected finishing in the 9th position. However when I got back to the trailer we discovered that the right front torsion arm and bar were gone. This isn't a good thing since this helps the car in the corner. Well when you can't get in or off of the corner it makes for a real interesting ride out there. The track was really rough tonight. This winds down our season at WCS putting us in the 7th finishing spot for points this year.

August 23, 2003
Attica Raceway Park
We didn't get off to a real bad start as Eva drew a #26 pill for starting position. This was pretty good considering there were nearly 40 360 sprint cars in the pit area. In our heat race the initial start was really good one as we went from 5 to to 2 by the time we exited turn 2 of the first lap only to have all of it negated by a yellow for Doug Stanley. The second start was not as good as we faded back to the 6th
running position. But as always we were determined to make the big show so with the help of a couple of restarts we worked our way in by finishing 4th. The feature was not as kind as the heat. About 7 or 8 laps into the feature two cars got together in turn 2 and left us with no place to go accept right into that mess. The crash broke the front bumper and one nose wing mount causing the car to do some pretty wierd things. We went to the tail of the field for the restart and was actually passing some cars when George Prosser closed the door on us pretty hard getting into turn 3 and we stood on the brake so hard it shut the motor down and caused us to spin out. Well Attica rules say that 2 spins in any race and your done. Therefore we were done for the night finishing in the 15th position.

July 25, 2003
Lakeville Speedway
Eva got the team off to a pretty good start as she drew a #6 pill for starting position. We had a new guy set up the car tonight Matt Weber. We worked through a couple of small things in hot laps and turned up the heat the rest of the night. We started outside of the front row for the heat and got into a little scuffle with Tim Hunter in turn one. Nothing major just a little hard racing. But it was just enough to send me back to the fourth spot which was good enough for a transfer to the A-Main. We did not make the redraw so we would start in the tenth spot for the feature. Matt had the car set up near perfect as we came home fifth in the main. There were only about two and a half car links seperating us from third place. Everyone was happy to run that good our first night out together. Oh did I mention WE HAVE BRAKES!

July 12, 2003
The night started off pretty good as Chuck Griffith drew us a #5 pill for the heat race. We started on the front row and was running a comfortable 2 when we got down a little to far and the car got really loose coming off of turn 4. When we got loose Doug Stanley ran into Gary Feller and broke the front end in Feller's car. We got charged with the caution and had to go the tail. However we roared back to a 5th place finish which was good enough to transfer to the big show. We start in 15th place in the feature and ran a pretty smooth race as Bill and I tried some different things and with great success as we brought home an 8th place finish. There was plenty of wheel to wheel action on our way to the front. All in all a great night. But still not much for brakes.

June 28, 2003
We went back to take another crack at our brake problem again this week. The night got off to a real good start as we drew a #5 pill which was good enough for a front row start in the second heat. We raced side by side with George Prosser a lap or two until we finally got by him for good. From there we led the remaining 6 circuits and went on to take the win. In the feature we redrew a #10 for the start of the A-Main. The track was in really poor condition as only one groove was usable. Therefore it was one of those follow the leader nights. For the most part everyone finished where they started. When the checkers waved we ended up finishing in 9th position.

June 21, 2003
What a better way to start off the night than to draw a 12 pill. We'll take that anytime. That was good enough for a 3rd starting position in the heat race. Things were kind of screwed up the heat as people were not in the correct starting position but we started anyway. Therefore we ended up starting 7th and finishing 7th. Go figure we finally get a decent pill and still end up starting in the back. That wasn't even the begining of a rough night as we broke a magneto shaft in hotlaps. Thanks to George Prosser for bailing us out with another. In the A-Main we started in the 15th position with no place to go but forward from there. We made a charge to the front to pull off a solid 7th place finish. All in all not to bad a night. We still are having issues with the brakes that we need to work thru.

June 14, 2003
The night got off to a pretty good start as we thought we got our brake problem fixed. However the longer we ran the more trouble we had with them. We started on the outside front row of the B-Main feature and was running in the transfer spot for the A-Main with the checkers waving when we ran out of fuel. This would end our bid for the five thousand to win A-Main feature.

June 13, 2003
We are kind of stuck in a rut here as we let son Jacob do the drawing hoping his luck would be better than mine has been. His luck is not a whole lot better as he pulled a #29 pill. We started in the 6th position for the heat race. We started and finished in that exact position, mostly do the the fact that we still are still having brake problems. After some thrushing on them as much as we could prior to the feature. We went out for the make up feature from May 3rd show not knowing if the brakes were any better or not. However we can't complain as we brought it home in 7th place even without brakes. We got some work ahead of us prior to tomorrows feature race. We will start on the outside front row of the B-Main and will need good brakes and horsepower to hold off the charge from all the other drivers all trying to qualify for the A-Main Stoneman feature.

June 6, 2003
Lakeville Speedway
Tonight would start off the same as any other with a #31 pill. With this draw we would start in the second heat race from the tail. But prior to the heat race in hotlaps we broke a brake line. After a trip back to the trailer to make the necessary repairs it was time for the heat race. Starting in the 6th position for the heat race we ran so so. We were still having problems with no brakes. Lakeville is a tight bullring and you gotta have brakes. All in all we finished 3rd allowing us to redraw for the feature, where we started 3rd. On the first lap of the feature Jason Dolick side swiped the left side nerf bar and it took a couple of laps to regroup. We were on the move to the front and at one point we got back up to 5th when we banged wheels with Nick Mulhiem which sent Aaron Schaffer into an easy tip over. This scuffle cost us a trip to the tail where we fought back up through the pack until Duffy Smith decided to push the envelope causing us to spin out. Once again we took the tail and came back up through the pack to finish 8th. The track was really rough and hard to handle espeically with brake problems too.

May 31, 2003
Cancelled due to weather

May 24, 2003
Cancelled due to weather

May 10, 2003
There was only one winner this weekend - Mother Nature.

May 3, 2003
We did not fair well again in the drawing aspect of our program as we drew a #26. That was good enough for a 5th place starting spot in the second heat. We were hanging right in there racing for the 5th position. That is until we spun out in turn 1. We were gaining ground getting into the corner but losing coming off. We retook the tail of the field and finished 7th. Prior to the start of the feature the skies opened up and began to rain. The feature will be run next week along with the regular show.

April 19, 2003
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April 12, 2003
The night began as most do for us with a pill draw of 36. Good enough for starting 7th in the heat. We tried a completely different setup on the car and I had a hard time adjusting to what it wanted me to do. Therefore finishing in the 6th position. The A-Main wasn't a whole lot better as I started 12th and on lap 6th George Prosser spun entering turn 4 and as I slowed to miss him another car must not of seen him climbed my left rear busted the nerf bar and bent the drag link. The next restart 2 cars flipped allowing us to make repairs. With the repairs made and racing again when on lap 19 the lower radiator hose broke spraying my helmet with water and reducing visibility to zero. Ultimately ending our night in the 16th position.

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August 24, 2002
The night started off pretty good as we drew a #2 pill. This meant we would start on the poll of the first heat. However this was all changed as the track officials decided to put the top 10 point guys in a heat race of their own. This meant starting 5th in the heat but the track was tacky and we forgot to switch rear shocks, so the car did not handle as well. Thus we finished 6th in the heat. The heat race finishes had no bearing on your feature line up. We started the feature in the 5th position and had pretty heated battle with Jaimie Martin for a few laps until he finally got by for good. Around lap 8 George Prosser and Duffy Smith tangled coming off of turn 2 allowing us to get by both of them in the same corner. This put us in the 4th position for the remainder of the race as several failed attempts to pass Doug Stanley could not be pulled off. Overall we finished 5th in the final points run down 4 points behind George Prosser.

August 17, 2002
We started off the evening by drawing a #25 pill. Ironic huh. It was good enough for a 5th place starting position in the heat. There were a couple of pretty close calls in our heat. Guys that were spinning out and doing 360's in the middle of the field. It was survival of the wisest. I ran 3rd a good portion of the heat until a late restart when J.B. Scarbough got by us. That's ok though since we finished 4th which was good enough for the redraw. The redraw was good enough to give us a 5th starting position for the feature. We got off to a pretty good start as we were racing with Doug Stanley for several laps until Stanley finally put me away. We had a caution on lap 11 allowing us to get right on Stanley's tail. As the green waved we got under Stanley in turn 1 to return the favor. We were now in the 4th position for the next 7 or 8 laps. The final caution flag of the event fell with about 7 laps remaining. As the green fell once again we began a heated battle with Tim Hunter. Unfortunately we could not hold him off and he passed us with about 3 laps to go. When the checkers fell we ended up in the 5th finishing position. All in all not a bad night. The worst part of the whole night was that the track was pretty brasive and ate both rear tires. Oh well the car is in one piece and the motor runs and that what's important.

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August 10, 2002
The night really began pretty good with a #18 pill draw. Things went smoothly in hot laps this week. However after we got back to the trailer and looked things over we discovered a cracked right valve cover. Well after further inspection and pulling the valve cover we found a piece of the stud girdle had broken off and was floating around in the valve train. Thank goodness nothing was hurt internally as far as we could tell. We made the necessary repairs to make it in time for the heat race. We did not have time however to change the setup on the race car. Therefore finishing 3rd in the heat. Not to bad the car was just a tiny bit to tight. That's ok though since it was good enough for a redraw. We drew a #6 for the feature. The feature went green until lap 11 when Nick Mulhiem flipped on the backstretch. Our car wasn't bad at this point but needed a little more drive off the corner so Bill made some adjustments and away we went. The car was really quick as we battled lap after lap with Doug Stanley, Matt Lamborn, and George Prosser. At some points we were four wide coming off the corners. But I just couldn't make any passes stick. So we ended up finishing 6th. Not to bad considering the early problems. The worst part of the whole night was I lost 4 points to Prosser in the chase for the championship.

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August 3, 2002
The track had a special format for this weekend's racing. Several times during the season we drew a poker card to determine the starting positions for this evenings event with the best 16 poker hands locked in the A-Main. All other cars would have to race in the B-Main to get a possible starting spot in the feature. Ok, folks if you have followed our season at all you know the luck we have with the pill draws so you don't really think that we'd have any luck with poker do you? We drew a 33 for our pill this put us in the 5th starting position for the B-main. We really did not run well in the B-main the car had no forward bite at all we spun into the infield not once, but twice. We ended up finishing 6th. This put us in the 18th position in the A-main. That is along ways back huh. Not really considering we passed the most cars in the feature. The car worked fantasticly after some minor adjustments and we ended up in the 9th finishing position. Even the track owner noticed. My wife,Eva still thinks my head was left in the tool box. But you know I don't race to run in the back.

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July 20, 2002
The night started off again as most do for us with the drawing of a #34 pill. During hot laps the right rear torsion arm broke getting in to 1st turn causing the car to smack the guardrail hard. Hard enough to ruin one front shock, two front radius rods, one rear shock, one rear arm, two bird cages. and a jacobs ladder. We thrashed pretty hard between hotlaps and our heat to be ready. We started in the 8th position in the heat and finished 4th. Not to bad since we had no seat time after repairs.My wife, Eva redrew a #4 as starting position in the feature. Great place to start. We ran pretty solid as we rode home to a 4th place finish. We didn't make any money but considering the way we got started all ended pretty well. We'll get them next time.

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July 13, 2002
We started off the night by drawing a #32. Terrible number considering the track was in really bad shape. Very rough and very dry. We started 5th in the heat race and finished there as well. With the tracks surface so bad, it was basically just follow the guy in front of you. The top 5 transfered into the A-Main feature but, only the top 4 redrew. This put us in the 15th starting spot for the main. This is not a good thing when there is no passing being done. Guess what though our team made it work in the feature as we came through the pack to finish 9th. The car was working fantastic just needed some more laps. Oh well you can bet we will be even tougher next week. All in all pretty good week.

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June 29, 2002
The night actually got off to a great start as my son Jacob drew a #2 for starting position. This is the best draw we have had since the middle of last season. We started on the pole of the second heat and finished 2nd. The car performed well during the heat race but was getting on the left rear real hard in the corners. That's ok though since we got to redraw for the feature. We drew a number #1 for the feature. We got a pretty good start leading the first 4 laps of the feature. There was a pretty intense battle with J.B. Scarbourgh then on lap 9 disaster struck as Doug Stanley ran over the back of a lapped car destroying his ride. Thankfully, Doug walked away unhurt. Under the red flag we discovered a broken header on our own machine. This would explain the missing in the motor we had started to experience. Even with the car missing we still came home 3rd in the feature. What a great night. Everyone on the team is happy. Great confidence booster for the driver too.

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June 22, 2002
The night started off as most do for us with a #39 pill. However we put on a good show. We started 6th in the heat race and finished a respectable 2nd. We started 10th in the A-Main feature and dropped back to 13th at one point. We worked the tires pretty hard getting back to the front and finished 8th. Track conditions were not very good tonight as the tires were brand new prior to the feature and right rear tire was worn clear down to the cords. But, we left the track under our own power and that's a great night.

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June 15, 2002
Cancelled due to rain

May 25, 2002
We actually started off with a decent pill this week with a #21 draw. We started 3rd in the heat race which was kind of caution plagued so it took a while for us to get into a rhythm. The car really lacked a little forward bite and the track was pretty rough also. No excuses we finished 4th and missed the transfer spot to the A-Main feature by 1 position. We started outside front row for the B-Main feature and lead all 10 laps for our first win of the season. We beat Tony Beaber to the stripe by about 1/2 a straightaway. After winning the B-Main we started 14th in the A-Main feature and finished 12th as the rains came on lap 15 of 30. This was a bummer as our car was just starting to come around. We spent more time with the front wheels in the air the first ten laps than on the ground. What can I say Bill Wise and Bill Underwood had her hooked up.

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May 18, 2002
We made our first trip to Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, Pennsylvania today. Well the night began as most do for us by drawing a #51. This meant starting 7th in the heat and only the top 6 would transfer to the A-Main. We finished 7th due to a tight condition and trying to figure out how to get around the track smoothly. Well of course we had to run the B-Main where we led 8-1/2 laps until we got caught behind a lapped car. The new leader and winner knew we were there though as he beat us at the flagstand by 1 car length. As for the A-Main we started 22nd and finished 12th. Nothing spectacular but running and in one piece. We are chalking this one up to get additional track experience and helping shake out a few last minute bugs before next weeks Sprint Car Show at Wayne County Speedway.

May 11, 2002
Cancelled due to rain.

May 4, 2002
The night started off pretty good with a "lucky" number 13 pill. That was good enough to put us 3rd in the toughest heat. The heat race saw us running down last year's Track Champion Doug Stanley for the win when we ran out of laps. Therefore settling for 2nd place. We redrew for the feature a number 10. In the A-main feature running in the 6th position with 1 lap to go when we got caught up in an accident causing a flat tire and finishing 11th.

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April 27, 2002
The only winner in today's racing was mother nature (again)

April 20, 2002

Mother Nature finally cooperated so we could start the 2002 race season. We had some first night "bugs" to work out experiencing problems with the fuel system, a power steering leak and worst yet no brakes. Despite the problems we were able to finish 5th in the heat race to transfer to the A-Main feature. Starting from the 15th position in the feature we had advanced to the 11th spot when a car spun in front of us and we got collected in the process. The damage to the car included the nose wing, front shock, one side of the top wing. We ultimately ended up in the 18th position.

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April 13, 2002
Cancelled due to rain

April 6, 2002
Cancelled due to rain

September 22, 2001
We started the night off as usual by drawing a 30. This meant starting in the last row of the toughest heat. On the very first lap in the first corner the pole sitter spun out collecting me in the process. We finished the heat race in 7th place. This of course meant running the B-Main. We started 10th and finished 6th. With the top eight cars transfering to the A-Main. Well the car did not run very well in the B-Main I thought it's late in the year so the motor might be a little off. But the track got cam 2 racing gas mixed in with the alcohol. We did not know until after we had run 10 gallons in the B-Main and had already put 20 gallons in the car for the A-Main feature. So we had to drain it all out and give it back to the track. It was a scramble to find someone who had enough fuel to sell. It took a little while for the motor to clear out the bad gas and run right. Anyhow we started 18th in the feature and finished 16th.

September 1, 2001
We started 3rd in the heat and the car just had no forward bite so we went backwards finishing 9th. The track condition was dry as a bone. We started last in the B-main and seemingly had a handle on the track condition and my forward bite problem when disaster struck. The left rear axle nut came off the car allowing the wheel to float on the axle ruining the wheel and causing the car to spin out. This caused an unwanted trip back to the trailer for the evening.

August 25, 2001

We started the night off by drawing a 29. That's not to bad considering our normal. We started 5th in the heat and ran really well finishing 3rd. This is tough to do since these are the best 360 drivers in the state. My wife, Eva redrew for a number 1 starting position in the feature. We were running 2nd when we got together with Darren Long causing his car to flip. The damage was pretty severe trashing Long's car and flattening our left front tire and destroying the top wing and nose wing. A trip to the pits to make repairs required us to tag the tail. I eventually ended up 15th because the motor just quit. After we got to looking at the damage the jacob's ladder mount on the frame is broke again. So it's probably a good thing we came in when we did.

August 18,2001
The night started off better than normal with a number 5 draw to start us off on the outside pole position for the heat race. At the drop of the green flag we took the lead and held it all race to score the WIN. After winning the heat race we started the A-Main feature and were running in the 4th position when a scramble occurred with Tim Hunter. The accident knocked the front end out of the car and brought the car to a stop sideways in between turns 3 & 4. While parked there Matt Lamborm who had no place to go plastered us. Our finally finishing place in the A-Main feature was 18th.

August 11, 2001
Once again we started off with a terrible draw for starting position, drawing 47. Which meant that we would start from 9th position in the heat race. With only the top 5 positions transfering into the A-Main feature we were running as high as 4th when we got tangled up in a spin by Eric Spencer what damaged the car to the point that we could not finish the heat. After some serious thrashing in the pits to repair the damage to the wheel, jacobs ladder, shock and inboard brake rotor we made it in time to start the B-Main feature. We started 7th and finished 2nd in the B-Main to transfer to the A-Main. After starting 17th in A-Main we ended up finishing 11th. All in all you could say it was a good night, but expensive.

Ouch !!!

August 4, 2001
A 3rd place finish in the heat race secured a starting position in the A-Main feature. We started the feature off a little to tight, but made an adjustment during the red flag condition that was brought out when Ed Haudenchild got airborne and came to rest on top of the guardrail. During a heated battle with another car we knocked the toe out of alignment and finished in 14th place.

July 28, 2001
We drew a 28 to start the night off on the wrong foot. We started 6th in the heat race and finished 8th. The car would not come off the corners due to a tight condition. Prior to the B-Main Feature we worked on the car to "free" it up going through the corners. Based on the heat race finish we started 6th in the B-Main Feature and once again finished 8th.

July 21, 2001
This was our first time racing at K-C Speedway in Chillicothe, Ohio. Due to recent drought like conditions the track surface was extremely dry & hard. This made getting a "bite" on the surface diffcult. We started 6th in the heat race and finished 7th. The heat race finish forced a start in the B-Main feature. We started 12th in the B-Main feature and finished 8th. Only the top 5 position from the B-Main transfer into the A-Main feature.

July 14, 2001
We started 9th in the heat race and were running 5th, but got passed on the last lap finishing 6th. This meant that we would have to race in the B-Main to qualify for the A-Main. We started on the pole for the B-Main feature and led 11 of the 12 laps required ultimately finishing 2nd. The second place finish advance us to the A-Main feature. We were running 7th with 15 laps in the books when we lost a left front brake pad causing us to pull in the pits. Final finishing position 13th.

Attica Results From July 13,2001
Finishing 6th in the heat race required us to start the B-Main Feature. The racecar ran great which enabled us to take the lead 3 laps into the race and WIN. We transfered into the A-Main Feature starting in 17th position and finished 12th. It's nights like this that remind the team why we spend the countless hours working on the car.

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July 2, 2001
A fourth place finish in the heat race secured a starting position in the A-Main feature. We finished 19th in the feature after fighting a handling problem all night.

June 23, 2001
Two separte incidents in the heat race sent us to the pits before the race was over. This caused the team to start the B-Main feature to try to qualify for the A-Main feature. On the white flag lap of the B-Main feature we lost the 5th place position which caused us to miss the A-Main feature.

June 16, 2001
Finally the rainy weather lifted & moved on so we could go back to racing. An accident in the heat race caused us to start the B-Main feature. In the feature a broken drive line ended our chances to make the A-Main feature.

June 2, 200
Cancelled Due To Weather

June 1, 2001
Attica Raceway Park - Sprint Shootout Results
A 5th place finish in the heat race secured a starting position in the A-Main feature. After staring 14th in the feature, we had to retire early due to a brake problem finishing 16th.
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May 26, 2001
Cancelled Due To Weather

May 19,2001 Summary
We are extemely excited with the performance of our new motor finishing 4th in the heat race and 7th in the A-Main Feature.

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McDonald's Car Show - 2000

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